• Key Requests:
    • We are happy provide keys upon request to chris [at] washbearstudio [dot] com. All requests must be from an email address listed on YouTube/Twitch channel - sorry no exceptions. We also request that you channel be active with a reasonable user base.
    • We do not give away keys for giveaways or promotions
  • Can I make videos and monetize them on YouTube? (Video Policy)
    • You are free to monetize your videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video sharing sites. Our only request is credit is given to the creator of the game (us!).

Tech Support

  • Game will not start:
    • Please make sure your drivers are up to date. This is especially important for Intel integrated GPUs.
  • Additional support
    • If you believe you've found a bug in one of our games, please use the in-game bug submitter from the main menu, or email us at chris [at] washbearstudio [dot] com with a copy of the game's log file, a dxdiag report and, if possible, a screenshot or video of the bug in action.


Tech Support Nintendo Switch

  • Please reach out to use via email: chris [at] washbearstudio [dot] com or Tweet us @washbearstudio

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